Hello, readers.

Welcome to YUPBlog.
What's in a name?
I picked the title for two reasons.
In 2012, I stopped being a student and officially became... a Young Urban Professional. After a few false starts in retail and sales, I got a myself a job in Marketing (thanks, English Lit degree) and went all 'Corp' (-erate).

That's one side to it. I also wanted to start saying 'YUP' to more things in life. When you work full time, it's easy to dredge up excuses, turn down trips, dress like a slob and eat like a sloven.

I took a huge leap of faith bought a house with my boyfriend in October 2014; decorating and renovating it will be one heck of an adventure.

This blog is about embracing the next stage of my life whole-heartedly. I hope you enjoy reading.
Who am I?

I'm Sarah and I live in the South of England. I love eating tasty food, moving about, cycling, doodlin' and scribblin', video games, drinking too much alcohol/coffee, not-being-naked, and music. Rather generic list there - but hopefully my stellar personality will make this blog an interesting read.

I was born in 1990 and I studied English Literature and Language at University.
I am really excited by life and I can't wait to get to know the online community. Please leave a comment, add me on twitter (@letsstaygold) instagram (letsstaygoldd) or pinterest (theyupblog). I look forward to hearing from you all!

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