Move-in Day Survival Guide (AKA Reading for comfort eaters)

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in my new home. That is, if all goes to plan. If it doesn’t, here’s my coping strategy*.
I’ll be living a stone’s throw from the Oracle shopping centre, which has a beautiful riverside and lots of excellent eateries in which to bide my time. I eat like clockwork. If I get through the day without one of my five integral meal-stops, it’s a miracle.  I plan to leave work at 12pm tomorrow (yes, I’m going in for the morning… my annual leave amount is pitiful) so if I don't get into the house by 2pm, there'll be friction....

 **this could also be known as ‘a guide to Reading for comfort eaters’

I'm delayed by 1 hour (2pm)
Chow down at Mission Burrito

image from Mission Burrito's blog
 Mission Burrito is a colourful, hearty establishment and it’s the perfect place to abate the nervous, gnawing hunger I get when things start to go wrong. A burrito with all the trimz will set you back almost £7, but it’s worth it.

(Guac shouldn’t be extra, guys! It should be free! It’s an essential! Like oxygen!)


image from http://www.theexchange.uk.net

Delayed by 3 hours (4pm)
Patisserie Valerie
I’ll be very cross by this point.
I will need chocolate. Ridiculously over-indulgent chocolate.

Delayed by five hours (6pm)
Order a
Pizza Presto

I will be fuming, I imagine. Probably pacing back and forth. I will probably have cycled to the solicitors, the estate agents AND the bank and threatened everyone with death and sulfer.
This will obviously burn up around 10,000 calories (conservative estimate) and mean I need to eat something wholly unhealthy.

image from pizzapresto.co.uk
Pizza Presto is the marmite of Reading pizza. Order it, and expect a greasy, sweaty paving-slab of a pizza to arrive around 45 minutes afterwards (they’re not super prompt). I don’t know why, but eating pepperoni swimming in a cheesy grease lake is incredibly therapeutic and this place offers serious value for money (pro-tip: never order chicken fight)


Delayed by 7 hours (8pm)
Round at
Mix Bar

Who am I kidding?
Food won’t sate the disappointment in my soul.
Mix Bar is an amazing venue with impossibly talented staff – and prices which represent this. However, Happy Hour runs until 8pm so I can drown my sorrows and get change for a tenner.
If you’ve not been before, pop in. I'm a regular.
Sometimes you get a free drink, if you can find the plastic bull before anyone else....
Screw it, even if I get the keys and through the threshold, I might do these four things anyway! Unpacking can wait - nothing says 'home-sweet-home' more than unpacked boxes!
Have a great Wednesday, everyone x

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