I love the sofa.... but is it right for us?

The living room is THE most important room in the house, lest we forget, and therefore the furniture needs to be on point. In case you missed my post about choosing a sofa (and if you missed it, you should go read it: it's a good'un) we picked a 'Ritchie' from Made.com. We stared at it online, visited the show room, checked the measurements over and over again.... I am 100% sure this is the sofa I want.

The sofa is beautiful. The fabric looks luxurious yet feels really durable. It's got a sturdy weight to it and the seams, stitching and buttons appear to be well finished. It really says everything I wanted to say with my living room.
 However, I'm very concerned about the space.

Sofa against the wall; view from the hallway door

On paper, the sofa fits. There's more than enough space. It's great. In reality though, it feels cumbersome. I bought a 3-seater and I just can't find a place for it.
Our living room is small and quite awkward, as all sides of it requires access. We have a vital cupboard in the top-right corner, a door to our garden in the top-left, kitchen access in the bottom left and access to the dining room in the bottom right. Therefore, we have no corners, and no full walls.

At the moment, we've placed the sofa opposite the fireplace but it just doesn't feel right.

Here are a few options I'm considoring.
(awesome 3D CADS generated here)

How have you dealt with a piece of furniture that doesn't quite fit but is just too perfect??