Bathroom Renovation: Slowly moving forward

It's been slow progress in the bathroom. This week has been a bit of a plod, and we seemed to stumble at every possible point. Nevertheless, we're five days in and things seem to be working out.
view from the doorway
When the floor tiles came up, the floor underneath was really decomposed, thanks to a leaking shower and toilet that occured at some point in this house's history. That put an extra day on the project.
Then, we had an issue with the under-sink cabinet from the Bath Store - one of the doors was damaged, and we managed to buy the wrong height of cabinet too. Urgh!

Basin: Bathstore MyPlan 600 available here
Not a problem, of course, except the store was quite hopeless and couldn't arrange us a replacement. We also expected someone to collect our gargantum shower enclosure on Thursday, but no one showed. This meant T wasted a day off, and it was apparently 'the worst day ever'. He has a very hard life, ladies and gents.

I would have loved to have reported that it was all done and dusted this week, but I think we're going to need two extra days to get this done. However, we're on the final lap!

In other news, I had an old frame lying around. It was huge and I couldn't really figure out what to put in in. Then, I bought this awesome wrapping paper from Waterstones for just £2.95.Suddenly, we have a work of art for the dining room!

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