Decorating a TINY 'master' bedroom

The house we're buying is awesome. It's in a great location and it's got character by the bucket load. It's got two HUNDRED years of experience so I think it's got pretty great at 'being a house' by now.

But, it's MINISCULE. Please enjoy the floor plan, provided for your interest/entertainment.

Looking at home design websites is terrifying. Paticularly American home design websites. Even Apartment Therapy, a site that specialises in the aesthetics of the shoe-box apartment (I've built a mezzanie out of some old pallets I found down at the train tracks and my sofa turns into a yoga mat when I remove this peice of string) still seem to have WIDTH.

We don't. Victorian terraces, once inhabited by factory workers, don't have space to swing a cat. (the cat is relieved about this)

Thankfully, PINTEREST. It has lots of lovely pictures of lovely tiny bedrooms and now I feel less perturbed by the whole situation. Here's my pick of the best... they aren't my photos, so click for source.



That last picture is my favourite, because of the storage potential.

I think I've got some good ideas for our bedroom now... what's your favourite inspiration source?  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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