We're nearly there! Tenants are moving out early!

One of the major obstacles we had with buying a house in this area was TENANTS.

T and I are buying ourselves a home. It's not a buy-to-let. It's not an 'investment property' (just yet). We just need somewhere to live! Most buyers are trying to wrangle every penny they can out of property at the moment, which is all well and good... if you're a landlord/property mogul/estate agent. For everyone else, it's awful.

Almost every house we saw had tenants, who had treated the houses with varyind degrees of disdain. There was mould, damp, and dirt - but that wasn't the only problem. Buying a house with 'tenants in situ' is not a good idea. The tenancy agreement is with the former owner. They're the landlord, not you. So before we can own the place, we had to wait. And wait. And wait. It's a scary process, because you feel like the seller is stalling every day. Property prices in the nearby area are STILL rising and the seller could have re-listed the property at any point and made a few extra grand. I haven't really stopped worrying about it since May, when we put the offer down!

We thought we'd have a massive delay, because the estate agent, Romans, were SO hopeless at communication. They failed to tell us that the owner hadn't yet given notice, despite me badgering her since June 1st. The seller felt that we hadn't provided enough evidence of our mortgage, but we didn't find this out until July.

The tenants are, quite rightly, protected. We couldn't just kick them out - it was the estate agents' fault after all, not theirs!
We thought that we'd have to wait until November.

BUT NO! The tenants are moving out early! Which means we should be moving in.... October 1st!

This. is. AWESOME.

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