Reading Festival Fashion 2014 - Wellies ahoy!

Summer's over. Face it. It's WEEING it down out there.

Some idiot at the Metro told me I shouldn't wear wellies this year because it's cliché.
Actually, the biggest cliché is being that frozen, miserable girl that's crying at the first aid tent because she was wearing suede sandals with diamanté Aztec toe thongs and someone has moshed on top of her.

Bloggers, I commend you for your commitment to style. Selina from Flying Saucer looked show stopping at Wireless recently in an amazing Motel co-ordinate which I planned to emulate.... until the rain started.
I will be wearing my white docs for some of the weekend - until the defences fail and my socks start getting soggy. Then the wellies are back out, because I'm there to have fun and not to look good.1

And I will not be wearing a kimono. Where would I store the whiskey?
See you in the pit!

1 Though looking like a goddess by ACCIDENT would be nice.

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