Reading Round-Up

Reading was a treat this year! I live about 30 minutes from the site now so I felt really relaxed and low-key. I also saved a ton of money on food and drink!!

After my earlier post, swearing by Wellingtons, I didn't wear them once: the weather was far too nice!
So, what did I wear?
White Dr. Martens with EVERYTHING, of course :)

I definitely prepared for bad weather!(L-R)
1. Primark dress, £8 - Topshop Bracelets, £8 (last season) - Brandless Sunglasses (bought there), £5
2. Primark long-sleve jersey, £2 - Apple Bottom (TK Maxx) check shirt, £10 - Zara Lace shorts, £19.99
3. Motel Mesh Studded Crop, £25 - H&M black circle skirt (not shown), £9.99

- Royal Blood - Amazing two-piece that play with ferocity. I saw them on the Glasto coverage and had to head along. They lived up to expectations!
- Lower than Atlantis - hark, a post-hardcore English rock band - but with amazing lyrics and a melodic tune
- Jimmy Eat World - 90s rock I'm still shouting along to.
- Blink 182 - 'nuff said. They smashed it.
- Jamie T - oh my god, this guy.... Been out of the picture for a few years but he had everyone chanting

Did anyone go to Reading too? Festival highlights?

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