Review: Liquorish @ ASOS

There's something that always manages to take my mind off assignment work, house complications, and grim weather - holiday shopping!

Sadly, I've not done much of it in recent years. My wardrobe is looking sparse and tired. I've gone up a size or two since I finished uni (which I'm sort of okay with) and the things that still fit don't exactly set the world on fire.

I decided to treat myself. Oh, ASOS, you ol' devil.

I ordered this playsuit and this kimono

I was really shocked by the quality of both. The playsuit feels too stretchy, and the material is clingy and waxy. The lower half and top half are different colours and textures. I like it in theory, and I AM feeling desperate... Should I send it back? :S 

The kimono had a crepe-like texture to it, and really lacked finish; the lapels/collar bit that tucked inside wasn't even hemmed. It didn't warrant a picture.

Both these pieces were £75 origionally. The quality certainly didn't warrant that tag.

I give Liquorish a 5/10 for quality. Looks like the clothing hunt continues tomorrow....


  1. That's such a shame about the quality! That's always the problem with shopping online, I'm always worried that you can't feel the quality of the fabric in person before buying :/ I hope you've found some other pieces that are better!
    emmerliejay x

    1. Would you believe, I went to Primark? Spent £30 and got exactly what I wanted.... At least you get what you pay for there!